The Art Life

Lynch reflects on his career while pottering around his studio engaged in his first love, painting.

The Cinema Travellers

The Cinema Travellers is a portrait of two contrasting touring operators in rural India.

Around China With A Movie Camera

Explore 50 years of Chinese history through an extraordinary collection of rare travelogues, newsreels and home movies from the BFI archives.


Mindhorn is a long-forgotten 80s detective drama about a private detective on the Isle of Man with a bionic eye-patch.


Holorama is filmmaker Jeff Desom's answer to a modern day optical theatre.

The Cremaster Cycle

A rare showing of Matthew Barney's heavily symbolic five-film epic.

Lucky Star + Ela Orleans

A dreamy pastoral melodrama with lo-fi electronica by Scotland-based Polish musician Ela Orleans.

The Shared Individual

A genuinely pioneering example of augmented reality mixing film, theatre, performance, and technological trickery.

Club Fierce: Television Party

We’re teaming up with Fierce to present a raucous wake for a dying medium: scheduled television.

Bugs + The Wilderness

Danish Documentary filmmaker Andreas Johnsen travels the world to investigate insects as an alternative food resource.

Zeno van den Broek: Shift Symm

Dutch A-V artist Zeno van den Broek creates pulsating geometric shapes which collide perfectly with raw electronic textures.

Film Camp

A one-day event exploring some of the latest innovations in cinema exhibition.


Forty-something Dr Kostis becomes obsessed with a young woman on a Greek island.

History History History

Deborah Pearson delves into her own family history to reflect on the way we continually reshape and censor the past.

In The Cut

An aquatic selection of moving image works tailored to the unique Roundhouse building.

Phantasm: Remastered

Brain-piercing silver balls, homicidal space midgets and a Tall Man who frequents the local graveyard.

Take Me High + Brumburger

Another chance to marvel at this Cliff Richard canal & burger themed oddity.

Eraserhead + Cercueil

The film where it all began for David Lynch, with a hypnotic reworking of the original score by French synth duo Cercueil.

House of Mystery

An epic of melodramatic villainy in ten episodes, the story of a bitter love triangle accompanied by nimble-fingered pianist John Sweeney.

Nature's Dance: Painlevé Live

Flatpack and Ikon have teamed up with two of Birmingham’s most exciting musical forces to present this one-of-a-kind matinee performance.


A pulsating journey across the far-flung corners of Africa from the creators of the Black Power Mixtape.

Kill Bill vol.1

Beatrix Kiddo awakens from a 4-year coma and sets out on a quest to murder Bill, her former lover and partner in crime.

Mulholland Drive

The twisted parable of aspiring actress Betty Elms (Naomi Watts) as she becomes lost in a dangerous world, now in 4k.

The Giant

The debut feature from long-time Flatpack favourite Johannes Nyholm.

Off the Beaten Track

Welcome to the kingdom of quirkiness, the world of surreal animation.

Bunch of Kunst

“It’s crazy. How the **** did it get to this?” muses Jason Williamson, head under a towel after a festival-conquering Glastonbury set.

My Life as a Courgette

A life-affirming and very funny feature about a young boy in a foster home.

Opening Night: Segundo de Chomón

A rare opportunity to venture inside one of Birmingham’s landmarks, and to rediscover a forgotten master of silent film.

Alys Fowler: Hidden Nature

Award-winning writer Alys Fowler sets out in an inflatable kayak to explore Birmingham's canal network.


The full programme for Flatpack 11 has arrived. The festival takes over venues across Birmingham from 4-9 April 2017, with a particular focus this year on the city centre, Southside district and our lovely canals. We suggest you block out the week and come join us.

To see as much as you possibly can you can pick up your Flatpass here.

And you can view a PDF of our lovely brochure here.