Shorts for Free

For a long time now we’ve been banging the drum about the joy of short films. Now as part of a new initiative to encourage more people to see the very best in short filmmaking, we’ve handpicked four fantastic shorts that can be screened for free by exhibitors in the West Midlands. If you put on screenings of any kind and you’re interested in adding extra value to your events at no extra cost by including a pre-feature short, then get in touch with us at [email protected].

The four award-winning films range in length from 2 to 12 minutes and span documentary, animation, experimental, and comedy. If you’d like to view them, just let us know and we can send you preview links. The available formats we have for each film are mov and mp4 files, DVD, bluray, and DCP. Please note if you require a DVD, bluray or DCP, you will be required to cover the postage costs.

Dir: Réka Bucsi (Hungary 2013 – 9 mins)
Long-listed for an Oscar in 2014 Réka Bucsi’s brilliantly absurd animated short links 47 disparate vignettes by the ‘irrational connections between humans and nature’. A mini-masterpiece. Available to view online in full here.

Dir: Alexa Lim Haas, Bernardo Britto (USA 2016 – 6 mins)
A beautifully hand-drawn animated documentary about the true story of a glove that’s been floating in space since 1968.

Dir: Ainslie Henderson (UK 2015 – 2 mins)
BAFTA-winning animator Ainslie Henderson turns the focus onto what happens behind the scenes with his eulogy to the short life span of stop motion animation puppets. Watch a teaser trailer here.

Dir: Douwe Dijkstra (Netherlands 2015 – 12 mins)
From the perspectives of a dozen viewers, this documentary explores the peculiar ritual of watching film. How is the medium experienced by people with sensory impairments, strong religious beliefs, or lovesickness? A story about moving images and their audience. Watch the trailer here.