7inch DVD

This limited edition DVD compilation (now sold out)
gathered together over an hour of shorts, animation, music videos,
slomo skits and super 8 sketches from around the West Mids and beyond.


ZX Spectrum Orchestra: ‘The Red Square’
Nine months in the coding, a two-minute blast of coloured blocks and noise to rearrange your cortex;


Misty’s Big Adventure: ‘Fashion Parade’
Mark Locke’s Franz Ferdinand-baiting promo, which stirred up tabloid ire north of the border;


‘The Visit’ by Matt Cope

Head-scratching short about a council repair-man;


‘Eebeejeebees’ by jinpow
Dayglo splodges on cardboard;


Pram: ‘Electric Séance’
Monochrome flight of fancy by Scott Johnston;


‘October’ by David Reeve

Snapshots of a month in London, caught on a camera-phone;


Tunng: ‘Fair Doreen’

Folk ditty from their first lp nicely complemented by Megan Majevski’s computer animation.


Plus pieces by Modulate, Artists Valley, Chris Keenan and shedloads more. And all for a fiver!


“Flatpack organisers 7 Inch Cinema have released a selection of shorts on DVD, such as the wonderfully observed Butter Face where the idle ruminations of a man on a train journey are seemingly
read by the woman next to him. Another powerful tragedy is The Visit,
which follows a council plumber and his mate Tony through a series of
darkening places. Music-wise, there are Scott Johnston’s visualisations
for Pram’s ‘Electric Seance’, as well as the superbly directed promo
for Misty’s Big Adventure’s ‘Fashion Parade’. Also on the dvd are some
fabulous animations and experimental camerawork.”
– Plan B magazine

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