See Also

Though we are confident that Flatpack 11 will keep you suitably entertained, there are plenty of other things happening in Birmingham should you find yourself with a few spare moments as you make your way from one Flatpack event to the next.

Jean Painlevé at Ikon Gallery
Ikon presents the first UK exhibition of work by Jean Painlevé (1902 – 1989), whose cinematographic and photographic portraits of octopi, lobsters or starfish were at the centre of the avant-garde movement of the 1920s. Visit for more info.

In This Perfect British Landscape… at Ort Gallery
Kristina Cranfeld is a London based artist and filmmaker born in Uzbekistan. Through video works, costumes, flags and work on paper she represents her own experiences of migrating to the UK. Her work is poignant, witty and surreal and astutely queries identity and citizenship and what it might mean to become British.

Genecraft: Art in the Biogenetic Age at BOM
UK-based artists Gina Czarnecki, John Hunt and Laurie Ramsell present compelling works that ask visitors to imagine a future of bio-engineered beings.

New Art West Midlands 2017 at MAC
Showcase for exciting new work from the region’s five university art schools and includes painting, sculpture, photography, film, video, print and installation.

Works of Mercy: Photographs by Attilio Fiumarella at the Barber Institute of Fine Arts
Birmingham-based photographer Fiumarella photographs the homeless and prostitutes from the streets of Porto – their nakedness or semi-nakedness emphasising their humanity and vulnerability and evoking our compassion.

Gastronomic Birmingham Food Tour
08/04/2017, 12-3pm
Taste Birmingham’s culinary landscape and learn about the city’s culture and heritage.
Book online.