Flatpack Festival
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A Century of Chaplin with live accompaniment

Saturday 28th October, 2017

Light House | 14:00

Showcasing some of the funniest moments from the Chaplin archive.

Evidence uncovered in recent years suggests the screen legend was born at Black Patch Park in the Black Country so now we can add Chaplin to the list of funny people from the Midlands (despite what Wikipedia says!)

Charlie Chaplin first hit the big screen in 1914 but it wasn’t until 1917 that he’d perfected his craft and cemented his place as the greatest of the silent comedy stars. 1917 was a stellar year for him, with three of the funniest two-reelers from his entire oeuvre, including his favourite short, The Immigrant. We’ll be showcasing some of the funniest moments from the Chaplin archive in this short film compilation.

The Adventurer - 26 mins The Immigrant - 25 mins Easy Street - 27 mins

Live piano accompaniment will be performed by the brilliant Meg Morley.

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