Flatpack Festival
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A Secret History of Birmingham

Sunday 27th March, 2011

Ikon Eastside | 10:00 - 11:40

A glimpse into the attics of two keen 16mm collectors, including rare colour footage of post-war Birmingham.

Our film heritage is not only to be found in large archives and institutions. Time and again work which was presumed lost has surfaced somewhere unexpected; from a box of Betamax tapes in the corner of an attic, or a potting shed full of dusty film cans. This special 16mm matinee show is a chance to peek into the vaults of two keen collectors whose hoarding instincts have created a legacy of rare and eye-opening material.

The screening will include Miracles Take A Little Longer, a film about Birmingham’s reconstruction which includes brilliant colour footage from the post-war period and narration by Frank Bough. We'll also have some marvellous amateur cine footage of Bournville from the 1950s.

Running Time: 90mins

Recommended certificate: U

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