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Anne Wood in Conversation

Sunday 22nd April, 2018

MAC | 13:30 - 15:00

Anne Wood has been engaging the imagination of young minds for over 50 years.

Born in a Durham mining village, she started out as a teacher and then became involved in promoting children’s literature across the UK. In the late 70s she made the move into television, responsible for bringing the likes of Mole and The Moomins to British screens and boosting TVAM’s ratings with the help of Roland Rat. In 1984 Ragdoll Productions was born, inspired by Anne’s daughter’s favourite doll, and since then the company has been responsible for a string of hits including Pob, Rosie and Jim, Teletubbies, In The Night Garden and Twirlywoos. We are honoured to welcome Anne to Flatpack to reflect on the work that has inspired her and the power of the moving image to help build confident, creative and inquisitive children.

Part of 'Anim18: A Celebration of British Animation'. For activities and events across the UK in 2018 visit www.anim18.co.uk.

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