Flatpack Festival
Film for all the senses


Saturday 21st April, 2018

The Mockingbird | 13:30 - 15:10

A real cabinet of curiosities, this programme gives pride of place to handmade creations and the inventors behind them.

Anna Vasof’s overflowing imagination is at work in When Time Moves Faster. The artist, who designs ingenious contraptions, will be attending Flatpack this year, as will Johan Rijpma, who takes plate smashing to a whole new level in the mesmerizing Elastic Recurrence. Jessica Ashman uses her craft to convey an important political message in I Don’t Protest, I Just Dance in My Shadow, and in the electrifying Tesla Matthew Rankin reveals a little-known episode of the famous inventor’s life, involving a feathered friend.

The Realm of Deepest Knowing

Dir: Seunghee Kim
(South Korea 2017, 4 mins)

I Don’t Protest, I Just Dance in My Shadow

Dir: Jessica Ashman
(UK 2017, 5 mins)

When Time Moves Faster

Dir: Anna Vasof
(Austria 2016, 7 mins)

Elastic Recurrence

Dir: Johan Rijpma
(Netherlands 2017, 2 mins)

In a Free Sound Field*

Dir: Monteith McCollum
(USA 2017, 11 mins)


Dir: Osi Wald, Moran Somer, Ricardo Werdesheim
(Israel 2017, 11 mins)

Mixed Materials*

Dir: Anna Van Riel (Belgium, 2017, 6 mins)

I’m Not Sure*

Dir : Gabriel Hensche
(Germany 2017, 8 mins)

Edge of Alchemy*

Dir: Stacey Steers
(UK 2017, 19 mins)


Dir: Matthew Rankin
(Canada 2017, 8 mins)

*UK premieres

Short Film Competition
Dir: Various
80 mins

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