Flatpack Festival
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Sunday 28th March, 2010

| 21:00

Another perfectly-pitched slice of everyday life from Andrew Bujalski, this time centred around thrift-store politics in Austin, Texas.

With: Tillie Hatcher; Maggie Hatcher; Alex Karpovsky

The starting-point for Beeswax was the Hatcher sisters; Andrew Bujalski (Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation) was fascinated by their relationship, and wanted to catch a bit of it on film. His concern is once again with the little decisions and indecisions that shape our lives. Jeannie (Tillie Hatcher) runs a vintage clothing shop in Austin, and is worried that she’s about to be shafted by her business partner. Lauren (Maggie Hatcher) has been drifting for a little while, and is trying to work out whether teaching English in Africa would be a good move. It’s people talking in rooms, but handled with such deceptive ease that when you leave the cinema their voices seem to come with you.


Dir: Andrew Bujalski USA 2009, 100 minutes

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