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Box of Light REP commissions

Friday 25th October, 2013

Birmingham Repertory Theatre | 13:00

The magic lantern is as much about performance as it is about visuals, and we’ve teamed up with Birmingham Repertory Theatre to commission two special Box of Light attractions for The REP’s public space… 25/26 October, 10am-10pm; 27 October, 11am-4pm Ben Pacey presents: Professor Peregrine's Illustrated History of Bearmingham

Welcome to our house in the woods! World famous explorer (and bear) Professor Peregrine has padded his way across the world, and heard some pretty tall tales along the way. In his 'Illustrated History of Bearmingham', he tells the extraordinary story of Bearmingham: the city, its people, and its bears. A narrated slideshow for audiences (and bears).

Artist Ben Pacey presents an apocryphal history of an oddly familiar city in this digital re-imagining of the magical lantern show, loosely inspired by the early showman lanternists.

25 October, 1-6.45pm; 26 October, 10.30am-6.45pm; and 27 October, 11am-3.45pm Little Earthquake present: Professor Harry Hackett and his Box of Treats Discerning Lovers of Daring Entertainment! I, Professor Harry Hackett — Greatest Showman of This or Any Age — have combed the Empire for the Weird and the Wonderful, the Magical and the Mysterious! I proudly announce my Grand Return to Birmingham! We’ll TOUCH your hearts and TICKLE your fancies — within the confines of Taste and Decency! Search for my BOX OF TREATS hidden in this Theatre! Look for Angelo — the stripy-suited candy floss seller roaming the foyer! Call him by name and begin the game! Follow the clues and see our secret show! But remember… Shhhhh! It’s a secret! www.little-earthquake.com/harryhackett Harry Hackett image by Jessica Oates.