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Colour Box Drop-in Activities

Saturday 21st April, 2018

Patrick Studio | 11:00 - 17:30

This year Colour Box is exploding all over the Patrick Centre with a host of free drop-in activities for all ages. Take your pick from Moomin puppets and smartphone projectors, VR experiences and giant zoetropes...

Illustrated Circus Puppets

Trapeze artists swinging, jugglers throwing skittles in the air, and weightlifters flexing muscles. This circus has it all, and you can add to it by making your own mechanical circus puppet with the help of artists Emily Tough and Clara Dziemianko.

Virtual Reality: Rain or Shine

Experience the brilliant new immersive animated 360 film from award-winning animation production company Nexus. The film follows Ella, a young girl who loves being outside in the sunshine, but of course it can’t be sunny all the time...

Sellotape Cinema

Flatpack regulars Sellotape Cinema are back with their homemade projectors. Get stuck in and help them make their your own sticky films.

Daance Maast

A new interactive musical game which sees up to eight players working together to play their own music. Created by Swoomptheeng.

Moomin Puppets

A chance to make your very own moomin with animator and puppet-maker Joseph Wallace.

Zoetrope Workshops

Make your own spinning zoetrope and learn how still images turn into moving pictures with workshop facilitator Laura Kloss. Feeling ambitious? Have a go at making an animation for Laura’s huge zoetrope.

DIY Cinema

Create your own live cinema with One Five West. They'll be making cardboard theatres for you to bring your shadow puppet creations to life.

Direct Film Station

Scratch, paint, draw onto celluloid, and see your masterpiece projected with the help of filmmaker and animator Scott Johnston.

Rubber-Stamp Letter Flippers

With a suitcase full of rubber stamps, pens, pencils, and lots and lots of paper, animator Lizzy Hobbs will show you how to make your very own animation.

Dato DUO Synth Station

Who said electronica was just for adults? With this easy-to-use new synthesizer, anyone aged 3 and up can knock out a bangin’ tune, and what’s more fun is that it’s designed to be played in pairs.

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