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Edge of Frame

Friday 20th April, 2018

Dig Brew Upstairs | 20:45 - 22:00

A selection of 13 experimental animations which have played at Edge of Frame screenings in recent years.

In these films bodies warp and leak, streets distort and dams break; animals speak and reality is revealed to be a simulation. Featuring drawn, digital, painted and collage animation, the programme presents a diverse range of heartfelt, meticulously crafted and highly individual films, from Britain and around the world. Curated by Edwin Rostron.

“Delving into the many offerings of Edge of Frame demonstrates the rewards of taking a chance, of welcoming strange ideas and experiencing new things.” – Little White Lies

Rotting Artist

Dir: Ann Course & Paul Clark (UK 2002, 4 mins)

The Poetry Winner

Dir: Jennifer Levonian (US 2012, 7 mins)

A Long Dream

Dir: Hoji Tsuchiya (Germany 2017, 4 mins)

Big Surf

Dir: Brian Smee (US 2017, 8 mins)

Still Life

Dir: Mehdi Shiri (Iran 2016, 4 mins)

Bus Stop

Dir: Andrea Gomez (US 1983, 8 mins)


Dir: Ted Wiggin (US 2017, 8 mins)

Longueurs d’ondes

Dir: Sabrina Ratté (Canada 2013, 1 min)

Void Vision

Dir: Alexander Stewart (US 2018, 9 mins)

Soft Body Goal

Dir: Jaakko Pallasvuo (Finland 2017, 4 mins)

Tap Water

Dir: Lilli Carré (US 2017, 5 mins)


Dir: Natalia Stuyk (UK 2017, 4 mins)


Dir: Amy Kravitz (US 1998, 4 mins)

Please note this performance is not wheelchair accessible. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Dir: Various
60 mins

Please note the venue has changed, Edge of Frame will now be held at Dig Brew.

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