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How to Animate Your Own Vegetable

Saturday 27th March, 2010

| 13:30

A guide to creating your own simple stop-frame animation, by one of the people behind cult CBBC show OOglies.

Suitable for ages 7-12

Andy Wyatt is a wizard at making things move. Animation, in other words. He has worked on all sorts of films and TV shows from Teenage Ninja Turtles to Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, and most recently he was Animation Supervisor on the CBBC series OOglies. (You may have seen it. It’s the one where household objects with stick-on eyes do strange things.) He’s also a teacher, and today – with the help of a couple of willing volunteers - he’s going to show you how to animate your own vegetable.

This is a Hello Digital fringe event.

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