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I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle

Sunday 18th March, 2012

Custard Factory Theatre | 18:45

Cut Birmingham classic featuring Neil Morrissey as a hapless courier who buys a vintage bike with a curse on it.

No Birmingham biker season would be complete without the city’s own unique contribution to the genre. I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle was born when the team behind 80s comedy-drama Boon decided to take advantage of some equipment and free time to make a horror movie. Starring one of the show’s leads Neil Morrissey as a hapless courier who purchases the cursed Norton, the film offers the cheap thrills of 70s B-movies (see Psychomania, p.X) as well as the zesty gore of early Peter Jackson. And a talking turd. Tonight we’ll be welcoming the director and writers back to the neighbourhood where much of it was shot: “In Digbeth, no one can hear you scream.”

Dir: Dirk Campbell