Flatpack Festival
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Memory Leak

Friday 25th March, 2011

Ikon Eastside | 18:30 - 20:00

A selection of essays and experiments including new work by Chris Beckman, Oliver Laric and Thom Andersen.

Cap gently doffed to our patron saint Iris Barry, this year’s selection of video essays and filmed experiments are mainly concerned with the process of forgetting and what we hang onto.

Oops (dir: Chris Breckman) is an assemblage of dropped-camera-phone moments from youtube which through ingenious editing grows into something greater than the sum of its parts. There are formal games using home-made camera obscura and a quadruple super 8 setup, and Versions is a brilliant piece from Swiss web artist Oliver Laric about the relationship between copy and original.

In 50/50 Jenna Collins attempts to pinpoint the boundary between town and country, and finally Thom Andersen returns to the margins of Los Angeles with Get Out of the Car, a defiantly pedestrian view of his beloved city.

Dir: Various

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