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Friday 20th April, 2018

The Electric Cinema Screen 2 | 18:00 - 20:00

Lyn and Iona are unusually close for a mother and teenage daughter - spending all their time together, even sharing a bed.

But when they start their new life in a sleepy East Midlands town their relationship comes under strain as Iona is befriended by a group of rebellious girls from her school. Seizing on her naivety the girls take advantage of her, whilst Lyn’s neighbours have caught on to her vulnerabilities and are making her suffer too. Achingly fragile and genuinely, preciously peculiar, writer-director Deborah Haywood’s first feature is as charming as it is heartbreaking.

We’re delighted to welcome Deborah to the festival. She will be answering questions after the screening.

Dir: Deborah Haywood
UK 2017, 85 mins

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