Flatpack Festival
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Prometheus' Garden & Other Twisted Tales

Thursday 28th March, 2013

The Electric Cinema Screen 2 | 21:00 - 22:45

A rare opportunity to see legendary underground animator Bruce Bickford's 1988 solo project.


Legendary underground animator Bruce Bickford is best known for his Frank Zappa collaborations, but in 1988 he took on a solo project for which he held complete control over. The resulting film is his 28 minute hallucinatory morphing claymation masterpiece which takes us on a trip into a unique world that only he could have depicted. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, we’ve put it alongside some more contemporary surreal fare, such as Allison Schulnik’s sumptuous Grizzly Bear promo, Forest, and Matt Greenwood’s disturbing, and slightly creepy house-party film, If This Aint Real.

Forest - Grizzly Bear Dir: Allison Schulnik, 4 mins

Baboon Dir: Einar Baldvin, 3 mins

Hypozentrum Dir: Xenia Lesniewski, 14 mins

Two Fingers - 'Vengeance Rhythm' Dir: Chris Ullens, 3 mins

Prometheus' Garden Dir: Bruce Bickford, 28 mins

if this aint real Dir: Matt Greenwood, 8 mins

No One Remains Virgin Dir: Wong Ping, 5 mins

Oracle is Born..? Dir: Rao Heidmets, 13 mins

Dir: Bruce Bickford, USA 1988, 80 mins

Cert: 15

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