Flatpack Festival
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Puppet Party

Saturday 21st April, 2018

Centrala | 21:30

Revellers at Flatpacks gone by may [or indeed may not] remember our themed parties: the clay phalluses at the plasticine party, walls plastered in cut-up National Geographics at the collage party, and plenty of oldskool-glasses-photo-ops at the 3D party…

Well our Saturday night knees-up this year is all about puppets. The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed they’ve been cropping up a bit throughout the programme (Prince Achmed, Puppetology, Colour Box) so it seemed an apt choice. With visuals featuring some of your favourite marionettes, and opportunities to make your own Moomins and sock puppets, it’ll be a traditional Flatpack shindig complete with making, boozing, and dancing.

A new addition to the bill are Swoomptheeng (in coloured, tentacled, mophead masks (of course)) who will be VJing, video-scratching, reguritating, and mangling all those lovely nostalgic, puppet kids TV programmes and mixing it up with other puppetry goings on.

Ages 18 and over.

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