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Saturday 27th March, 2010

Ikon Eastside | 18:30

Documentary about a cine-club in Burkina Faso.

In a neighbourhood of Burkina Faso's second city Ouagadougou, Bouba runs the Votre Cine-Club. The roof is made of straw and the audience sits on benches to watch pirated DVDs screened on a television. As a documentary maker who travels to festivals around the world, Jean-Marie Teno explores the relationship between his own work and this makeshift African cinema culture, as well as the story-telling traditions which it draws on.

Showing with Facts About Projection (dir: Temujin Doran, UK 2010, 4 mins), a perfectly-formed ode to 35mm made by a projectionist at the Screen on the Green in Islington, and I Know Where I'm Going (dir: Ben Rivers, UK 2009, 29 mins) a 16mm road-movie exploring Britain's wild frontier and day-dreams of apocalypse.

Dir: Jean-Marie Teno

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