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School of Slapstick Workshops

Saturday 26th July, 2014

MAC Birmingham | 10:30

School of Slap Web

From Charlie Chaplin to Buster Keaton, from The Kid to The Artist, silent comedy has delighted generations of film-goers. At the School of Slapstick workshops you’ll create, shoot and star in your own silent comedy film, working with professional theatre tutors, cameramen and editors. Each workshop will begin with a screening of a classic silent comedy short, after which you’ll be trained in silent comedy acting techniques. You’ll then create your own scenes with costumes and props, and your performances will be filmed and edited into a short film.

There are three workshops lasting 90 minutes each, at 10:30am (ages 5-7), 12:15pm (ages 8-12) and 4:30pm (all ages). Those on the 10:30am and 12:15pm workshops will have the opportunity to see their films play on the big screen after the screening of The Circus. All attendees of the workshops will be sent weblinks to their films.