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The Circus

Saturday 26th July, 2014

MAC Birmingham | 15:00

Circus Web

Director: Charlie Chaplin

US, 1928 – 72 min

In 1914, one Mr Charles Chaplin made his screen debut. 100 years on, his waddling little tramp continues to make people chuckle.

In one of his finest silent comedies, Chaplin finds himself at a circus, where he promptly gets chased by the police, who think he’s a pickpocket. Running into the big top, he becomes an accidental sensation with his hilarious efforts to elude the police and immediately gets hired by the ringmaster.

With a typically brilliant performance from Chaplin which garnered an Honorary Academy Award, it also includes some pretty fab performances from a number of animals, including a memorable scene with three pestering little monkeys on a tightrope. The perfect introduction to silent comedy for children.