Flatpack Festival
Film for all the senses

The Eyeslicer

Thursday 19th – Sunday 22nd April, 2018

Centrala | 12:00 - 22:00

Like a randomly generated YouTube playlist The Eyeslicer takes you on a mild-melting journey meandering from offbeat animation, to vérité documentary, to surreal horror to time travelling cats.

What started out as an hour-long variety TV series designed to “slice, dice, then mince your eyeballs into a delicious paella” is now ten times as long and features over fifty short films by the who’s who of American indie filmmakers. Despite no common thread tying the con- tent together, this compendium is totally compelling and you might find yourself losing the best part of a day watching it all; the good news is we’ll have it setup as an installation, screening four times in its entirety, each day from Thursday 19 - Sunday 22 April so you can spread your intake over numerous sittings.

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