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The Juche Idea

Sunday 15th March, 2009

The Custard Factory Theatre | 00:30 - 02:00

Jim Finn's final piece in his propaganda trilogy is an introduction to the film theory of Kim Jong Il, from the perspective of a South Korean video artist on a residency.

Feat. Sung Kim; Daniela Kostova; Jung Yoon Lee

Perhaps best-known for his scene-stealing performance in Team America, Communist dictator Kim Jong Il is himself an enthusiastic film-buff who has written a good deal of ‘Juche theory’ on the role which cinema should play in strengthening the state. The Juche Idea uses the tale of a South Korean video artist on residency in North Korea to delve into some of these ideas, combining pseudo-documentary and amazing found-footage sequences to funny and thought-provoking effect. It’s the final – and we reckon best – in a loose ‘propaganda’ trilogy by Chicago explorer Jim Finn, whose Interkosmos screened at Flatpack 2.

Showing with:

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Dir. Jim Finn USA 2008, 62 mins