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Flatpicks: Rachael Yardley

Sunday 17th April, 2016

It can be a tricky business choosing from over 130 events - which is why we usually recommend a Flatpass - however we're also running a mini-series of top picks from members of Team Flatpack. Following on from Flatpack director Ian Francis, next up is Marketing Assistant, Rachael Yardley...


1) Symptoms I'm a big horror fan, and am particularly excited about Symptoms, especially since until recently this film was only available on rather poor quality VHS. The original negatives were rediscovered in 2014, and it's being released by the BFI on the 25 April - but see it here first!

© copyright by: [FOTO:SENGM†LLER] Gebhard SengmŸller Leopoldsgasse 6-8/8 A-1020 Vienna/Austria Tel/Fax ++43 1 5455929 mobil 0699 1 5455929 E-mail: gebseng@vinylvideo.com http://www.fotosengmueller.com Konto: Erste Bank (BLZ 20111) 366 247 99 Veršffentlichung nur gegen Honorar und Namensnennung.

2) Slide Movie - Diafilmprojektor, an Installation by Gebhard Sengmüller A few of us were lucky enough to get a sneak peak at the installation Slide Movie before it opens on Monday (at 10am at BCU Parkside) and it really is incredible. A fascinating work in terms of its investigation into film as an artistic medium, it's also visually very cool. Gebhard Sengmüller is giving a talk about the background of Slide Movie on Wednesday 20 April at 5pm.

Future War_web

3) Trash Film Night I've been to a few of the Trash Film events at the Electric Cinema (presented by Shock and Gore Festival) and absolutely love them. The night involves watching a fantastically terrible film, with hilarious live commentary - a lot of fun. (Plus cyborgs AND dinosaurs - what's not to love?)

4) Short Film Competition If you want to go and watch some stuff that reflect the essence of Flatpack, I think the short film competitions do just that - from beautifully poignant to funny to sad to the weird and wonderful (as seen in the Manoman trailer which can be seen in the Outsiders programme) I would definitely recommend getting yourself to AT LEAST one competition programme.

Werewolves On Wheels FP Graphic 5_web

5) Outer Sight Presents... A biker/horror film with werewolves, screening on the night of a full moon (followed by a Flatpack-style Full Moon party) - see you there...

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