2016 Highlights See All

Pierre Bastien + Brian Duffy

Musician, artisan, and performer Pierre Bastien will be taking various tunes and themes from his recent album, Blue As An Orange and reformulating his legendary Silent Motors show.

Sympathy for the Devil

Birmingham-raised director Neil Edwards' film about the Process Church of the Final Judgement.


An operatic comedy about love, family and food in Brooklyn’s Italian-American community, Moonstruck has aged like a fine wine.

La Jetee: rescored by Larva

Comprised almost entirely of luminously grainy black and white photographs, Chris Marker’s existential time travel short La Jetee is re-scored by LARVA.

Action Space

To watch this film is to be transported into another world. A world before risk-assessments, where questioning authority is the norm and kids throw themselves down hills at speed.

Blind Cinema (11am)

The art of audio description, in the form of whispered narration by a group of school children.


FW Murnau’s Faust effortlessly takes us from gothic horror to bucolic comedy and back again, accompanied by Matt Eaton (Pram) and Gareth Jones (Misty’s Big Adventure, Grandmaster Gareth).

Oh Dear Diary

For one night only, our courageous readers will be reliving the awkward crushes, homework dramas and dubious musical tastes of their childhood and teenage years.

Heart Of A Dog

Part essay, part documentary, and part home movie, Laurie Anderson takes the death of her beloved piano-playing terrier Lolabelle as a starting point and goes on a dreamy, comic, philosophical and emotional journey.

Miles Ahead

Special preview presented by curation collective Come The Revolution...

The Last Laugh

A moving parable given a new spin by today’s accompanists, electronic duo Les Trucs.

Girl Shy

One of the funniest comedies of the silent era, with musical accompaniment from the inimitable silent film pianist Cyrus Gabrysch.

Blind Cinema (2pm)

The art of audio description, in the form of whispered narration by a group of school children.

Film Adventurer Karel Zeman

One of the joys of this new documentary portrait is the chance to hear from those collaborators, while also seeing a group of students attempt to recreate some of their optical tricks...

Giant Axe Field: thaumatos

Following their blistering cut-up of Czech sci-fi film Ikarie XB1 at Flatpack 9, Giant Axe Field are back with an improvised audio-visual tribute to ‘Cinema Fantastique’.

Dudley Castle After Dark: Bride of Frankenstein

A one-night-only Gothic extravaganza featuring an outdoor screening of 30's horror classic Bride of Frankenstein set at the atmospheric Dudley Castle.


Israeli artist Omer Fast has taken Tom McCarthy’s cult novel and turned it into a gorgeous puzzle of a psychological thriller.

Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock & Roll

After years of tireless digging John Pirozzi has managed to reach across the awful rupture of Year Zero to sketch out a lost world of Cambodian pop, aided in his task by dazzling archive film, bittersweet reminiscences, and most of all by the music itself.

The Boy and the Beast

Stumbling through Tokyo’s Shibuya district, nine year-old runaway Ren discovers a portal which leads to Jutengai, a parallel realm populated by all manner of strange, semi-human creatures.

Green Room

Set in the backwoods of Oregon, a punk band on the road find themselves besieged by neo-Nazis at a private club after they discover a murdered body they shouldn't have seen.


Multi-disciplinary artist Matt Watkins joins forces with drummer Steven Taylor (Calvados Beam Trio) to explore the intersection of moving image, noise, electronics, mechanics and abstraction.

Richard Nicholson: The Projectionists

As film has made way for digital, both the job and the work-place have changed fundamentally, and Richard’s beautifully detailed images capture this pivotal moment.


Opening night will include a new live score to one of cinema’s landmarks, Carl Theodore Dreyer’s luminous, mesmerising Vampyr.

Sound + Vision

Triple-bill of AV performances from Amsterdam-based duo Optical Machines, sound artist Graham Dunning and Berlin-based artist collective Transforma + musician/composer PC NACKT.

NG83: When We Were B-Boys

Several years in the works due to a tireless search for archive footage, the effort behind NG83 has paid off.

Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers

The film features more ingenious, mouth-watering uses of garlic than you might have thought possible, plenty of impromptu folk and flamenco, and a host of quirky evangelists...



The Flatpass returns for its second year. This is a big one for us – festival no. 10, and we know you’ll want to see as much of it as possible. The Flatpass gets you into just about everything in the festival programme.


"An incredible mix of film and music for all ages." - The Times
"A treasure trove of a festival" – Sight and Sound
"Magnificently eclectic" – Time Out
"This festival is really like no other, with an incredible line-up of amazing screenings and events for grown-ups and kids alike." - Anorak
"Joyously inventive" - Guardian
"Britain’s most exciting and innovative film festival" – Lonely Planet
"Like the perfect mixtape…you’re not quite sure how or why the selection works, but that is what makes it so magical" – Electric Sheep
"It's like being shown really cool stuff by a good friend who thinks you might like to see it." - Audience member
"Flatpack has gained a well deserved reputation as an innovative film festival with an imaginative output" – Film Four
"I came away totally inspired, both by Birmingham and by Flatpack. One of the best festivals I’ve ever been to." - Ken Freedman, WFMU
"The festival feels like an essential component in Birmingham’s cultural life, bringing new talent and the city itself to light." - The Quietus
"The best programming on the planet." - Canadian curator Kier-la Janisse
"Independent, quirky, intelligent, innovative, amusing and relaxed - nothing else like it." - Audience member