Flatpack Film Festival | 18-24 April 2016 | Birmingham, UK

Born in a Digbeth pub and a Balsall Heath attic, Flatpack has since grown in many interesting and wonderful directions. We’re grateful and excited to have made it this far, and would very much like you to join us in celebrating our tenth birthday next spring. Kicking off slightly later than usual (18-24 April 2016), you can expect the usual boundary-defying cinematic fun and games in venues across Birmingham. Details will start to emerge over the next few months, with the full shebang launched in February 2016. In the meantime, our doors are open to short film submissions here.

2015 Highlights See All

Walk Cheerfully

Ozu's delicious, Tokyo spin on a classic gangster tale, with live benshi narration and musical accompaniment.

Tokyo Tribe

Mind-blowing yakuza hip hop musical set in a near-future Tokyo on the verge of all-out gang war.

Collage Party

Celebrating the art of the cut-out and the cut-up, with a free-ranging lineup of music, film, art and food in spaces throughout Minerva Works.

WFMU Live Broadcast: Station Manager Ken

On the eve of the UK premiere for WFMU documentary Sex and Broadcasting, the station's drivetime show comes direct from Digbeth.

Richard Dawson

Both tender and brutal, apparently ramshackle but completely on it, Richard Dawson's performances are an experience not be missed.

The Creeping Garden

Mesmerising voyage into the hidden world of slime moulds, with music by Jim O'Rourke.

The Paper Cinema's Odyssey (21 March)

Homer’s island-hopping tales of gods and monsters retold as you’ve never seen them before, with a joyful combination of cut-out characters and live music.

Citation City

A time-travelling voyage through one city, assembled from hundreds of movie clips and inspired by the wanderings of Walter Benjamin.

Amusement Park

Showing in the UK for the first time, an interactive exhibition from a group of contemporary Finnish animators.

Animation and Beyond

Exploring the ever-growing parameters of animation through screenings, demonstrations and panel discussions, Birmingham City University’s new art school will host a day for industry professionals and those looking to make their way into the sector. Discussions will be ...

Sex and Broadcasting (Saturday)

Fly-on-the-wall portrait of listener-funded freeform radio station WFMU, as it navigates the rough seas of the recession.

Celluloid City

A celebration of Birmingham's rich cinema-going history, through films and discussions.

Animation and Beyond Keynote: 59 Productions

Video designers for the London Olympics opening ceremony, 59 Productions’ portfolio is one of the most impressive and varied around.

Sex and Broadcasting (Sunday)

Fly-on-the-wall portrait of listener-funded freeform radio station WFMU, as it navigates the rough seas of the recession.

The Colony + Year Zero: Black Country

A double-bill of films from the point of view of recent arrivals in Birmingham and Smethwick, made fifty years apart.

Time + Motion

With Swipeside in full swing, immerse yourself in an evening of live animation and performance. Attractions include the first ever UK show by Japanese duo Usaginingen, whose home-made opto-machinery produces real-time visuals through specially made filters soundtracked by a ...

Edwardian Horror Show

A rare chance to wander the halls of Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery after hours, for an evening of spooky shorts and haunted show-tunes.

Peggy Seeger in Conversation

Folk singer Peggy Seeger looks back on the making of the Radio Ballads, a series of broadcasts that helped to redefine radio.

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

Wonderfully atmospheric vampire tale, with the streets of Bakersfield reimagined as underworld Iran.

Standby for Tape Backup

“Two years ago, I found a videotape in my loft. On it: one and a half films, one quiz show and two sitcoms. Somehow it became the story of my life.”

Battleship Potemkin (Change to advertised feature)

A change to our advertised feature. We hope to bring Man With a Movie Camera to the festival at a future date, and will be in touch with all those who have pre-booked tickets for this event.

The Paper Cinema's Odyssey (20 March)

Homer’s island-hopping tales of gods and monsters retold as you’ve never seen them before, with a joyful combination of cut-out characters and live music.




The Flatpass has landed. After much begging, pleading and arm twisting, we’ve finally given in and introduced a festival pass.

Programme sections


A selection of the best animation as well as workshops and an industry day exploring the ever-growing parameters of animation.

Archive & Re-issue

Films seen in a new light after careful archive restoration work or those rarely seen.

Colour Box

On Saturday 28 March at mac Birmingham, Flatpack’s family programme Colour Box returns with a day for younger viewers and doers. This time round we’re delighted to be working in partnership with Anorak Magazine

Culture Club

Fun with slime moulds - showing the creative possibilities around slime moulds, lichen and bacteria. Presented in partnership with BOM Lab and the Arts & Science Festival.


Creativity under pressure is the thread that unities these fascinating and very different non-fiction films.

Film Bug

Our partnership with Colmore Business District continues for a fourth year. Taking place in venues across the district, expect coffee tasting to oldskool computer-gaming, Camera Obscura creating to early silent fairy tales.

New Features

From Glaswegian mystics to Iranian vampires, a roundup of the most distinctive and brilliant new features hitting our shores over the next few months.

Philip Donnellan

Made over the course of two decades at the BBC in Birmingham, the films of Philip Donnellan are a raw, poetic document of people who were rarely given a voice on television at the time. This is a rare chance to revisit Donnellan’s work, and to hear from some of his contemporaries and collaborators.

Roy Andersson

As his new feature lands in the UK toting a Golden Lion from Venice, we finally have a chance to stand back and appreciate one of the singular achievements in European cinema over the last twenty years; Roy Andersson’s ‘living’ trilogy. This is amongst the first opportunities to view all three films in the same place, alongside a selection of the director’s formative short work.


With seven competitive programmes vowing for five awards this year (Best Short, WTF, Colour Box, and two Audience Awards), here you’ll find la crème de la crème of the short film. There are also various non-competitive shorts programmes scattered throughout the programme.


For a second year we’ve teamed up with Birmingham City University. During the festival, the University’s Parkside campus will be a hub for filmic ingenuity and innovation featuring an industry day, installations, exhibitions and workshops.

Video Palace

BE KIND AND REWIND as the Scalarama collective recreate a vintage video store for four nights only in Vivid Projects, Birmingham complete with cafe, screening rooms and meeting area.

Walks & Talks

A series of events spanning a talk with folk legend Peggy Seeger to a field trip discovering Birmingham's hidden world of lichen plains, mushroom groves and moss forests.