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“By any standard one of the UK’s most ambitious and creatively programmed festivals” – Sight and Sound

Flatpack recently pulled off its tenth edition, a city-spanning week of cinematic joy that drew over 11,000 admissions. The next festival takes place in April 2017, but in the meantime there is plenty going on thanks to our new Assemble project. Keep an eye out for upcoming events, and the nostalgically inclined can relive the festival here.




Black Country adventures

Regular viewers may know that we’ve always had a soft spot for the Black Country. Much as we love Birmingham its flat sprawl can ...

Shock and Gore Interview

Shock and Gore is a festival of Horror and Fantasy cinema which celebrates its 6th year in 2016. We got in touch with festival director ...

Flatpack in Frankfurt

There were a number of positive reasons for moving our dates to April this year – lighter evenings, no snow(!), Birmingham in bloom, ...

Flatpack 10: how was it for you?

An important part of the clearing up process is the traditional Flatpack audience survey. This is really useful in getting an idea of ...

Flatpack 10 Collective Memory

Once we’ve slept and eaten ourselves back to a semi-human state, a good part of the post-festival week is spent clearing up and ...

Flatpack 10 Competition Winners

The dust is beginning to settle after our tenth birthday, and we must say, we had a blast (and hope you did too). This year the ...

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