Flatpack Festival
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Eraserhead + Cercueil

Saturday 8th April, 2017

Lyttelton Theatre | 20:30 - 22:00

The film where it all began for David Lynch, with a hypnotic reworking of the original score by French synth duo Cercueil.

The film where it all began for David Lynch. Tapping into his own experiences as an art student in Philadelphia during the 60s, Eraserhead is not recommended viewing for prospective parents – or indeed anyone thinking of moving to Philadelphia. However, the hellish atmosphere it conjures up is shot through with humour and beauty, and held together by a compelling central turn from Jack Nance, whose trademark bewildered stare would reappear in a number of other Lynch movies. Reworking the original score's industrial hum and squelch, the hypnotic soundscapes created by French synth duo Cercueil add a completely new dimension to the film.

Dir: David Lynch USA 1977, 89 mins

Cert: 18

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