Flatpack Festival
Film, and then some


Tuesday 4th April, 2017 - Sunday 9th April, 2017

Millennium Point Level 2 Concourse | 10:00

Holorama is filmmaker Jeff Desom's answer to a modern day optical theatre.

A very small man is dancing in a velvet room. A hooded figure on a bike is silhouetted by the moon. Two purple-clad bowlers vigorously polish their balls. Using mirrors, painstakingly constructed dioramas and holographic imaging, Jeff Desom has recreated iconic scenes from well-loved movies in perfect miniature. All five models-cum-optical theatres will be in the UK for the first time and on display for the duration of the festival, providing a fresh perspective on cinema.

Desom’s assistant on the project Olivier Pesch joins us from Luxembourg, and will say a few words about the work and how it was made on Wednesday 5 April from 6pm.*

*Joining us also from 6-8pm will be London Short Film Festival and Jameson Irish Whiskey to talk about Jameson First Shot - an amazing opportunity for budding filmmakers.

Presented in partnership with Millennium Point’s Engage programme and Birmingham City University Parkside Gallery, with sponsorship from Hotel La Tour.