Flatpack Festival
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Friday 3rd April - Sunday 10th May 2020

Centrala | 12:00 - 20:00

Our first introduction to the work of German duo NEOZOON was through their 3-minute short MY BBY 8L3W, screened at Flatpack in 2014. A series of found clips of women cooing over their designer dogs - "my fur baby" - gradually accumulates to something deeply sinister which forces us to reflect on our relationship with our pets. Decidedly not your average YouTube mashup.

MY BBY 8L3W is just one of ten short films on show in this exhibition, and explores a theme that presents itself throughout much of the anonymous female collective’s oeuvre. From their earlier guerilla works ‘Hairy Women’ (2011-12), in which they added animal fur to the armpits and groins of women’s bodies on advertising billboards, to ‘Food Products’ (2011-13) in which they filled the shelves of supermarkets with imaginary products, (including cattle teeth and hedgehog jelly!), anthrozoology is often at the core of their films. Smuggled in with the playfulness and absurdism of NEOZOON’s work is a provocative train of thought about the impact of human choices; on animals’ lives, and on the world around us.

This retrospective is the first time a collection of their works has been presented in the UK, with FragMANts (2019) acting as the centrepiece for the show - a multi-projection installation in which the collaged characters fetishize commodities. Other works include Little Lower Than The Angels (2019) - winner of the coveted Flatpack Short Film Award last year - and Love Goes Through the Stomach (2017), an examination of nutrition and ‘product animals’.

We’re delighted that NEOZOON will be joining us during the festival to deliver a talk about their work and their processes. Further details will be released when the full programme goes live later in March.

We’re proud to present this exhibition in partnership with Centrala and The Goethe Institute, and are grateful for their support.


2019 - 6 mins

Little Lower than the Angels
2019 - 15 mins

Love Goes Through the Stomach
2017 - 15 mins

Call of the Wild
2017 - 4 mins

2015 - 30 secs

2016 - 4 mins

2014 - 3 mins

Unboxing Eden
2013 - 5 mins

Big Game
2013 - 7 mins

Buck Fever
2012 - 6 mins

Exhibition launch: Friday 3rd April, 6 - 9pm
Centrala opening times: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 8pm, plus Sunday 10th May 12 - 5pm

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