Flatpack Festival
Film, and then some


Monday 24th March, 2014

BCU Parkside Gallery | 11:00


Ever struggled with a narrative? Want to contribute to an amazing story? Story-Spline is a creative and educational experience, bringing an immediate understanding of the power of narrative structure. The idea is simple (and much like the old game Consequences), all you need is a little imagination and a pen to fill in the gaps of the story. Team up with others to create wonderful and unique stories in a blink of an eye. The resulting narratives will be screened with accompanying illustrations following ‘Swipeside Shorts’.

Story Spline will be waiting for you in the foyer at BCU Parkside for the duration of Swipeside. Drop in at any point.

A big thank you to SWOT[studio] for use of their rather wonderful multi-purpose contraption, the box.

Part of Swipeside, an animation programme produced in partnership with a group of students from Birmingham City University.

Swipeside Sting (Flatpack Film Festival 2014) from 7inch cinema on Vimeo.

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