Flatpack Festival
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The Icebook

Saturday 17th March, 2012

The Custard Factory | 13:00

Intricate paper cut-outs and miniature projections conjure up a fairy-tale world for an audience of ten.

The Icebook started life as a miniature model for a life-size stage show but has developed into a show in its own right, one which combines pages of intricate cut-out, pop-up magic with a fiendishly clever blend of magnets, lighting, green-screen and projections. Inspired by magic lanterns and Russian fairy tales, artists Kristin and Davy McGuire have created a mesmerising little world for an audience of ten, and they’ve since gone on to apply similar techniques on a much larger scale in an adaptation of Howl’s Moving Castle.  The Icebook is tailor-made for Flatpack, and given the limited capacity we recommend that you book ahead!


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