Flatpack Festival
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Wild At Heart

Sunday 9th April, 2017

Old Rep Theatre | 19:00 - 21:15

“A picture about finding love in hell.”

Shortly after completing the pilot for Twin Peaks, David Lynch read a proof of Barry Gifford’s novel about a couple on the run in the deep, dark South and was immediately sold on the idea of a movie version. Describing Wild at Heart as “a picture about finding love in hell”, Lynch dials everything up to 11 here and is aided by a terrific cast - not least Laura Dern and a snakeskin-clad Nicolas Cage as his star-crossed lovers. From the opening scene where Sailor bashes someone’s head in and then delivers a soulful ‘Love Me Tender’, we know we’re in for a ride.

We’re extremely grateful to Bernard Smithson for sponsoring this particular event.

Dir: David Lynch USA 1990, 124 mins

Cert: 18

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