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Hannah Trotman

Hannah Trotman

Hannah is a Wonderland Volunteer Reasearcher.

Why Wonderland?

I've always been intrigued by the cinemas of Birmingham, from being a young kid on my way to The Bullring (being fascinated -and vaguely scared- by the dismembered mannequins that adorned The Electric Cinema, prior to its sympathetic upgrade) to the abandoned picture houses that littered the city, falling into disrepair: snapshots of bygone eras fading into the background of towns and high streets, their stories disappearing with them. Cinemas has always seemed like such a vital part of everyone’s life in numerous ways, and I’m hoping through the Wonderland Project, a slice of social history – that was too early to be captured through anything other than tales between friends and family – can be documented and shared with the people of Birmingham, so even if these fine buildings are one day lost, their impact and stories are not.

What's your dream cinema (in ten words or less!)

An atmospheric 1920s venue, screening a century of film.

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