Flatpack Festival
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Our Values

"To go to the pictures is to purchase a dream"

  • Iris Barry, Birmingham-born film critic and pioneer in the field of film preservation.

Born out of a monthly film and mixed-media night in the Rainbow pub, Digbeth, Flatpack has always been passionate about connecting people, experimenting, learning from and experiencing with others. We love our city - and we firmly believe that Birmingham deserves the best! A couple of decades have passed since that very first film night - and a whole lot has happened since - but our mission has remained the same…

Enrich people's lives through imaginative film events.

Our core values underpin all that we do at Flatpack:


We work with and for people, and think that everyone should have access to great culture.


We do what we do with heart - we really enjoy making things happen, almost as much as we enjoy empowering others to do the same.


We approach our work with imagination, humour and a spirit of play and adventure.


We are open to challenges, boundary-pushing, change and growth.


Bringing people together is at the centre of everything we do.

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