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Matthew Bruce

Matthew Bruce

I’m Matthew Bruce. I’m originally from Lincolnshire but I’ve been in Birmingham for the past five years, as an MA by Research in French Studies student at the University of Birmingham, looking at French cinema. I have a career interest in film journalism and curation, and have written for several publications online and in print. I was interested in involving myself in the Birmingham ’68 project because it is a transitory period in history that really interests me, and I was keen to research the developments closer to home which are so often overshadowed by the social and political upheaval in Paris. I am currently researching the work of Rev. David Collyer, who established the “Double Zero” club, an organisation at St. Basil’s church, Digbeth, which sought to provide sanctuary and a place of recreation for members of the “unattached” in Birmingham, predominantly groups of young bikers. I have also done some background research on “Mothers”, the mythic music club which had a short but prosperous life above a furniture shop in Erdington. It’s been a real eye opener, teaching me that there was much more to Birmingham in 1968 than Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech. My research into Birmingham’s history isn’t over though, as I think there are many more stories to be told. Ian’s book will be a springboard for fuller research, and the Birmingham 68 project can only go from strength to strength.


Worth less than nothing?

Thursday 20th December, 2018
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