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Natalie Sharp

Natalie Sharp

I have for the last 15 years been working in the interdisciplinary fields of sound design, performance art, face and body make up and stage design. My predominant focus is 'the architecture of the body' - how this fits in to the environment and what can be altered, subverted and transformed within the body. A large part of my practice is a response to the digital culture of the internet, specifically video bloggers and you tube niche fetishes. My design practices converge around sound and the body. I have created sound design around the concept of re-soundtracking beauty rituals ripped from the internet, commissioned sound design for London Short Film Festival piece on ‘ food ritual and domesticity’ and designed performance costumes that mutate into instruments and metamorphosis.

Achievements, publications and shows to date:

BBC radio 3 late Junction collaboration with faUSt - using the MRI scanner as a starting point to create an orchestra of body scanning.

Trifle live tour - Ongoing tour of my immersive music piece with my band Lone Taxidermist with performance art, film and plastic instillation playing festivals including Supernormal, Supersonic and Hull City of Culture.

Gazelle Twin ‘Kingdom Come’ - 2 years touring as a performer for Gazelle Twins commissioned piece ‘ Kingdom Come’ based on JG Ballard‘s last novel, with a film set in dystopian shopping malls and cctv footage. The performance is sung on a treadmill. Playing festivals including Re-wire, CTM, Sonar and Sensoria.

Jenny Hval - designing make up and costume for Jenny Hval and her band or ‘ Art family’ as she calls us. This involved the technique of CV dazzle where by the make up is designed to confuse a cctv camera into non facial recondition. Playing festivals including Roskilde, Oya, Flow and with Einsturzende Neubauten.

Publications include; Vice magazine, CCQ, Electronic Sound, The Quietus, the Wire, the Independent...

My work as a make-up artist has received worldwide recognition as my Record Store Day face paint series achieved viral success between 2013-2014. I’ve also exhibited with Mac Cosmetics worldwide as part of the ‘Coulrophobia’ clown series.

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