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Nina Conway

Nina Conway

My name is Nina Conway. I completed my History degree at the University of Birmingham in the summer and am now studying for a Masters in Contemporary History. I wanted to be part of Birmingham 68 because I enjoy researching contemporary history. Also, I’m interested in the ways people can access and interact with history in more public ways, so I was really drawn to the idea of using podcasts to retell stories. It’s encouraged me to look past dominant narratives like those surrounding Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, and look at experiences of ordinary people and communities. I was hugely surprised by the number of famous bands who performed in Mothers during the 1960s such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, and that it was twice voted the world’s best venue by Billboard magazine. I had no idea Birmingham was such an important music hub.
The project has further fuelled my interest in local history. Birmingham has a rich social and cultural history, and it seems there are plenty of understudied areas of interest. I think projects like Flatpack are really important in documenting little-known areas of history, as they’re great sources of information for younger generations or sites of remembrance for those who’ve lived through it. I am most excited to undertake an oral history interview. I analyse existing oral histories in my degree, so I’m fascinated to help in the process of recording an historical source which can then be archived for further use.

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