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Rita Fonseca

Rita Fonseca

I’m Rita Carvalho Fonseca, and I was born in Portugal. Although I’m a science student, working as a registered nurse in the operating theatres, I’m also an art lover. Back in Portugal, I took a photography course and enrolled in a Fine Arts Degree in Sculpture. I was also behind the re-opening and managing of the Jam Sessions in the Superior School of Music and Arts of Porto (Portugal) since 2013 to 2015. I have been volunteering with Flatpack Festival and other festivals like Supersonic for the last two years, and it seemed a beautiful opportunity to do some work in research and be more involved with the artistic community in Birmingham. As I’m not originally from the UK, being involved in the Birmingham 68 project allowed me to have a much clearer understanding of the cultural movement and student protests during that decade. I was surprised about how much you can discover with a bit of research, how people are strangely connected and how interesting this can turn out to be. Most of all though, I’ve enjoyed the satisfaction of seeing things coming together and, of course, the monthly meetings with the rest of the team. The whole process of diggin’ into the past has been the most exciting part of this project, and it’s given me the impetus to continue exploring Birmingham’s history!

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