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Sula DF

Sula DF (She/Her) is deeply engaged in promoting Black women's narratives through her role as a film programmer and cultural producer. Her tenure at We Are Parable saw her leading programming efforts across the UK, with key projects at Barbican and Film Feels, as well as curating for the Animae Caribe festival in Trinidad, showcasing her commitment to diversity and representation.

In her academic life, Sula is pioneering a practice-led PhD at Goldsmiths, where she is developing a "live archive" (Ahfiwe Cinema) focused on Black women’s cinematic contributions. This project aims to preserve and highlight the contributions of Black women to the film industry, ensuring their stories are celebrated and remembered.

Concurrently, Sula is the lead researcher for The Living Archive project at the Royal Court Theatre. This initiative seeks to bring to light the voices that have been historically overlooked or underrepresented in theater, aligning with her overall mission to amplify diverse narratives and ensure they occupy the spaces they deserve.


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