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何伊凡 Yifan He

何伊凡 Yifan He

何伊凡 Yifan He (b.1998, Qingdao —they/them/ta/彵) lives and works in London. They write, curate, and make kinetic sculptures. The core of their practice revolves around exploring the intersection of gender queerness and diasporic queerness, with a focus on making-home as bodies on the move (passing borders, passing genders). As a curator, they curated 'Swords and Kisses', a four day programme centring queer+trans trans visions of a non-linear time-space and experiences of diasporas, physically unfolded at Staffordshire St Gallery, London and digitally archived at Der Vierte Raum Frappant e.V., Hamburg (2023).

Instagram: @mzhyff

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