Flatpack Festival
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Read on for an overview of the mid-length films...

Icemeltland Park

Dir: Liliana Colombo
Icemeltland Park is an amusement park where families, couples, friends can see the impact of global warming in real time. After a unique holiday or hooneymoon destination? Come to Icemeltland Park, you won’t regret it… A film full of invention and exasperation.

Extraneous Matter

Dir: Kenichi Ugana
It wouldn’t be a proper Flatpack Festival without something that’s going to weird you out. This drama from Japanese filmmaker Kenichi Ugana might just be the film that does the trick. It tells the story of a young couple in an ever-increasingly sterile relationship, until one day something happens. You’re just going to have to watch it to find out what that something is.

Deepfake Therapy

Dir: Roshan Nejal
Deepfake technology has been making waves online and freaking people out a fair bit over the last year or so, but little have potential positive impacts been discussed. -This startling and moving documentary does just that, exploring the use of deepfake technology as a therapeutic method for dealing with grief and loss.

A Place For Mr. Carpet

Dir: Sebastian Karantonis
A surreal drama, darkly comedic and offbeat enough to be perfectly suited for our frayed pandemic brains. Born from an ill conceived performance piece, Mr. Carpet is an exercise in experiencing the foundation of the human condition.

Orchestra from the Land of Silence

Dir: Lucia Kasova
An empowering and uplifting portrait of the first female orchestra of Afghanistan, told through the eyes of 16 year old Marzia.


DIr: Nathan Fagan, Luke Daly
Danny, a typical twenty-something Dubliner, gets assaulted one night. Escaping the incident with only minor injuries, he throws himself back into his old routine. Pretty soon, however, he realises that the assault has affected him in ways he hadn't anticipated. A compelling and affecting drama that tackles challenging subjects.

Shy Radicals

Dir: Tom Dream
A documentary following Hamja Ahsan as he deals with the trauma and despair of his brother Talha's extradition case, whilst traveling the world inspiring others through his art, activism, and political manifesto. Hamja calls for all shy, quiet, and introverted people to unify and overthrow Extrovert-Supremacy.

A Treatise of the Human Animal no.38: HEARTACHE

Dir: Jacob Møller | More Info | Buy Pass (£25/20 for a Flatpass, £10/5 for a Short Film Pass)
Comical and life-affirming. This depiction of us humans and our eternal tendency to have our hearts broken, told in eight standalone chapters, is just brilliant.

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