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We've spent the last couple of years researching inclusive recruitment practices, here's a list of useful resources we found along the way...

Inclusive Recruitment (General)
Applied - a platform and resource site specialising in de-biasing recruitment

Tools for analysing language, in particular gendered language or biased language
Gender decoder - free to use
Textio - requires a paid for account
Ongig - also requires a paid for account

Tools for analysing readability
Grammarly explains why readability is important
Read-o-meter - free to use, assesses approximate read time of an article
Hemingway App - free to use, highlights sentences that are difficult to read
Grammarly - a free tool that helps highlight unnecessary words, incorrect grammar and punctuation to improve readability

Blogs and Articles on these topics
Textio blog
BBC article in gendered language in the workplace
Forbes article on gendered language in job descriptions
Applied article on Unconscious bias and impact on recruitment
Blog on bias related issues with CVs
Bias in interviews and how to avoid it
Blog on creating a positive candidate experience
Guide to writing an inclusive job description

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