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7 Inch Cinema is 10

Ian Francis
Tuesday 11th June, 2013 Posted by Ian Francis

Ten years ago this month we started running a monthly filmnight at the Rainbow pub in Digbeth called 7 Inch Cinema. For £1 on the door you got free sweets, a photocopied programme handout, 2 hours of shorts plus various DJs, live scores and performances. It was a testing ground for many of the things we've done since, and a brilliant way to spend a Tuesday evening. ("Going out for people who don't like going out," as someone once described it.)

We stopped doing regular pub gigs a while ago, but we wanted to mark the occasion and take stock of where we've been since then. This has led to lots of nostalgic digging through old boxes of flyers and programmes, and getting slightly disturbed by how young we looked in our mid-twenties. It also means that we're back in the pub next month, at the Hare and Hounds for a one-off 7inch on 3rd July with special guests Animat. Before then on 28th June we're partnering with mac for a special outdoor screening of Murnau's Sunrise, complete with a beautiful live score by Alcyona Mick which first appeared at Flatpack 2010.

The box-delving will lead to a printed almanac covering the last decade of festivals, gigs, tours and adventures, designed by Dave Gaskarth (Cyrk). Dave created some brilliant - and occasionally warped - programme covers for the early gigs (see below), and also came up with the identity for the first five Flatpacks. He then fled to London and got a proper job, but it's nice to be working with him again.

If you have any memories or images from 7 Inch Cinema, or any of our other events from the past ten years, please feel free to get in touch.

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