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Ian Francis
Tuesday 20th March, 2012 Posted by Ian Francis

The festival team have been doing a fair impression of zombies these last couple of days, as we sift through the debris sending things home and tidying up. (Do zombies tidy? Perhaps zombie wombles.) In any case, general consensus seems to be that this was the finest Flatpack yet. Excellent crowds, lovely guests, reasonable weather and a proper buzz all over Birmingham. We did it!

Back soon with the usual battery of images and writeups, but in the meantime thank you so much to everyone who helped; all the venues who hosted us; the organisations who partnered with us; the tech crew who pulled the levers; the funders who put in money; the hundreds of artists and filmmakers who shared their work; the audiences who showed their appreciation (hooray for clapping between shorts!); and of course to our amazing team of volunteers. Let's do it again sometime. xx

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