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Ian Francis
Tuesday 31st March, 2009 Posted by Ian Francis

Yikes! I just realised there's only half an hour of March left and not one blog-post this month. Ok, so Flatpack wiped us out. She is an insatiable mistress. But we've disentangled ourselves for a while, and are looking forward to the gentler pleasures of 7inch. (Oh dear, that could probably be phrased better.) There is a heap of different stuff coming up in fact, on which more details shortly. In the meantime, here's a dancing pig...

We were alerted to this bizarre piece of cinema by Vanessa Toulmin when she visited the festival a couple of weeks ago to do a talk. I've a feeling she said it was her favourite film ever, and who are we to disagree? It can be found on volume 3 of Lobster Films' brilliant Retour de Flamme series.

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