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Ian Francis
Saturday 18th July, 2009 Posted by Ian Francis

Dior adBilly's Balloon

The Travelling Picture Show kicks off in Lichfield today. (I'm not there but apparently it's going very well.) One of the most consistently popular films in the programme is a fifty year-old French short with hardly any dialogue about a boy and his balloon, and even if you haven't seen it there's a good chance you've come across something influenced by it.

For a start there's a Juliette Binoche film and a stage production, and note the multicoloured balloon clusters currently floating about in Pixar's Up and Sofia Coppola's Dior ad. These films celebrate the feelgood side of The Red Balloon - if you want the brutal underbelly check out the Don Hertzfeldt cartoon Billy's Balloon. Decidedly not for kids.

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