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Birthday collage

Ian Francis
Wednesday 25th June, 2008 Posted by Ian Francis

Here's a sneak preview of a collage which Dave Gaskarth (Cyrk) is working on for our birthday do; this will be a big paste-up affair in the back-room of the Rainbow, featuring various graphical highlights from the past half-decade. As you might know, Gas has been making 7inch look good pretty much from the start; programme covers, posters, brochures, websites, DVD menus, Tshirts, you name it. His perfectionism is a wonder to behold, and we salute him. (No more Oscar speeches after this week, we promise.)

ps:: The Cyrk website also has info on their Active Cancellation show for resonance.fm, which features Marcus Schmickler live on Sunday 29 June.

pps:: Two weeks later and I think the collage is still up there. Check it out if you're in the Rainbow, it's out the back.

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