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Colour Box: Come on in, the water's fine...

Sam Groves
Saturday 1st August, 2020 Posted by Sam Groves

Inspired by a dip in the Avon a couple of weeks ago (and quite timely after a scorching couple of days!), this month’s Colour Box short film programme has an aquatic theme, featuring all kinds of swimmers, deep sea divers, and boaters.


(dir. Kirsten Lepore) US 2011 - 5 mins
When a clump of sand and a pile of snow become friends...

5m 80

(dir. Nicolas Deveaux) France 2012 - 6 mins
Who knew animals were such talented high divers?


(dir. Péter Vácz) Hungary 2011 - 2 mins
Based on a Hungarian poem, a young girl goes on a trip down a river as she contemplates growing up.

Jonas and the Sea

(dir. Marlies van der Wel) Netherlands 2015 - 12 mins
A man casts aside everything in pursuit of his dream.

The Boat

(dir. Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton) US 1921 - 23 mins
Buster Keaton at his brilliant best.

Swimming Pool

(dir. Alexandra Májová) Czech Republic 2010 - 7 mins
Two outsiders meet in a closed swimming pool at night.

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