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Crispin Glover at the Light House

Ian Francis
Wednesday 9th February, 2011 Posted by Ian Francis

Occasionally two parts of your world come together in a strange and unexpected way, throwing a different light on each. I'm thinking of Steven Segal playing live in Bilston, and also of Thursday 17th February, when Crispin Hellion Glover touches down in Wolverhampton as part of a brief UK tour.

We know Glover mainly for twitchy, intense roles in Back to the Future, River's Edge and Willard (pictured), or for his performance art acid wigout on Letterman. Even in Wild at Heart it seems as though he's wandered in from another, slightly weirder film. As it turns out, Glover has been using pay-cheques from the likes of Charlie's Angels to bankroll a trilogy of his own, far weirder films, employing a cast with Down's Syndrome to probe at various taboos and provide an antidote to one of his bugbears, the corporate media.

At the Light House event next week he will present his second feature It Is Fine, Everything Is Fine! and perform his Big Slide Show. Decidedly not for everyone, but a unique evening and it won't be happening again in these parts any time soon.

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