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Sunday 20th March, 2011

Hi! I'm David Wilson, I'm a music video director. I'll be introducing the Mind Bombs evening at The Electric Cinema, on Friday 25 March.

Along with being at the festival for the Friday evening, I'll also be around all day on the Saturday. There's so many events I want to cram into the one day I'm there, but the things I really want to get to on Saturday include:

Unravel -The longest hand painted film in Britain from vivian darkbloom on Vimeo.

Unravel... I saw this on Vimeo a few months back. I'm slightly obsessive with old animation techniques, so adding to the longest hand-painted film ever made is something I'm definitely down for!

The Vintage Mobile Cinema... just from this photo alone I think I might be in love!

RUBBER OFFICIAL TRAILER ! from oizo mr on Vimeo.

Rubber... I can't stress how excited I am to see this third feature from Quentin Dupieux. I'm equally, if not more excited about the soundtrack, produced by Mr Oizo (Dupieux's alter-ego) and Gaspard Augé from Justice. If it's even a touch on the Mr Oizo and Sebastien Tellier's soundtrack for Steak, I don't think I could be closer to heaven if I died in the cinema.

Demonstration Reel from Sculpture on Vimeo.

The Paper Party... I'm looking forward to seeing Sculpture and Origamibiro's set, but also being able to celebrate the end of a month-long collaboration between myself and Sam Potter (Late of the Pier), creating our show for the evening and then (despite gaining a sure-to-be hungover head from the night before) I want to stick around on Sunday to experience the every minute, always piece for two people and then I'm off again on the train! I can't wait for Friday, and hope to see you there!


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